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Still here and ticking along

 Well things are still moving with the miniatures.

 This Year i hope to start to release pieces each month.These will include 15mm miniatures and lots of different 28mm stuff too.

 So far we are booked into three show's for this Year.

 Albanich on the 9th of March.

 Carronade on the 11th of May.

 Glasgow Games Gathering on the 29th of June.

 With my new job i have been working loads of overtime and orders have been put on hold until Saturdays when i work half day.Really sorry about this but the extra money does help to get things released sooner and pay for new sculpts.

 Not sure if you all know but there is a Four A miniatures Facebook page.I try to post on here any new releases or other things which i like the look of miniatures related.

 All the best Andy C.

 Today i have taken the first step into the Kickstarter arena.

 It is only a small one to help raise the money to get the Female Dwarf pieces released which John Pickford did for me several Years ago.

 Here is a link to the project page.


 Andy C.

Still around

 Things have been a bit up in the air for over a Year now but i hope things are about to change.

The first release this Year is now in the shop and if sales pick-up i can get a few more pieces released.As most will know i have quite a few sculpts waiting on release.Some have been sitting patiently for over five Years which is not good.

 For me this little venture has been a big learning curve and one i still need to learn more about.

 One thing i will say it has been great attending the various show's around the Country and meeting loads of like minded individuals.

 After the car crash on the way to Salute 2014 things just seemed to go from bad to worse.Time has moved on and so have i.So moving forward i will look forward to showing off new releases on a more regular basis.

 Four A miniatures is on Facebook for those that like that sort of thing ;).

 If i go quiet just give me a nudge and ask what is happening.I get easily distracted by the many new miniatures and games which are coming out all of the time.

 All the best

 Andy C.

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